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Sent to friends and family earlier today
Hello all

I try hard to not spam my friends and family but today I’m breaking my rules because I want a book to be published. I hope you won’t be too aggravated .

David Jensen has been our family and animal photographer for years. When Elizabeth was just a couple days old he talked his way into NICU and took some amazing photos of our new family, and we love looking at the photos he has taken over the years of Abby, Bing, Kate and their humans.

David has been working on his ‘Important to Paws’ book for ages and has reached the funding stage.

His ‘Kickstarter’ began May 8 and ends June 10. He has raised just over $15,000 from ~140 contributors. He needs to raise the remaining $10,000 by June 10th. With a bit more help this book will be reality soon.

Scott and I are supporting David’s project because he is skilled, compassionate and an exceedingly hard worker. He is very passionate about his work and it shows in his photography and writing. He has made many contributions to the local animal community over the years so it feels good to give a little back to David.

We think his book will be an excellent production and are looking forward to seeing the final print. Kate’s pups might even be in the book!

A $39 contribution gets you a copy of David’s book come fall and a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you are supporting an excellent project.

I really believe this is a great project and hope that you’ll consider supporting David’s book too.

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