Pukey dogs

Stayed home from herding this morning. Bing and Kate both puked up some yellow bile. Probably just too much nibbling on spring thaw (grass, chicken poo, that unidentifiable something that might be food). I police the front pretty well but they found something.

They were in good spirits so I was only mildly concerned. The imagined sound of a corgi horking their guts out at 65 mile an hour…

So Elizabeth, Bing, Kate and I stayed home and worked on seasonal chores. I’d intended to do inside stuff however Elizabeth glued herself to the front door and pummeled it while demanding ‘Outside! Outside!’ She was right. Gorgeous day. Picked up sticks, the days poo, whittled away at a stump. Swept and hosed the driveway, swept along the front of the house so the gutter would run. Moved a little dirt around out back. Washed and hung all the dog blankets and quilts out front to dry. Desultory pass at washing the outside windows. Think of them as less dirty rather than clean. Got the front hoses hooked up and the front garden watered. The bleeding heart is coming along well. Checked out the rhubarb. Not so good. About 6 or 8 weeks ago we were going thru an unseasonable thaw and it tried to come up way too early. Shoveled some snow over it to try to convince it to wait. Barely any red growth showing so we may not see much harvest this year. Cross our fingers.

Everybody is exhausted. Elizabeth went to bed very happily and I have a lap full of Bing.

A good day.

This morning my goodie boy was gazing longingly at my toast.

And we colored eggs.


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