New title

Kate earned her Grand Champion title from the AKC today at the three day dog show at the fairgrounds. We camped and had a wonderful time relaxing and visiting with friends.

Kate handled like a real pro today. She kept her feet where I placed them, gave me some real nice movement and showed her very best to the judge. We all really enjoyed exhibiting to this judge, Garry Newton. He put us all at our ease, actively encouraged us to take our time and show our dogs to our best advantage. He genuinely enjoyed his work. I would love to see him return for more judging assignments up here.

When he awarded Kate Select Bitch I thanked him and said ‘You just made a new Grand Champion’. He looked delighted and everybody hooted and hollered. It was great fun and Kate liked the fuss.

I sure wish her breeder and our dear friend Kat were still alive to share our joy. She would have been so proud of both of us today. I miss her.

But. I am very glad that Scott and Elizabeth were there. If she’d taken any ribbons yesterday they would have missed the fun. I’ll post her pic when it arrives.

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