Happy 11th birthday to my dear goodie boy Bing. We have learned so much about dogs, teaching classes, learning theory and dog behavior from this boy.

I credit him with making us better parents, and introducing us to the delight of competitive dog sports.

I have a lot of favorite moments with Bing. That day in May 2010 when he was introduced to sheep and took to it like a pro I think may have been his finest.

Happy Birthday
Wales Tails Roque’s Crooner HSASM, RN, BN, CGC, ASCA STDs AHBA JHD

Also on the birthday front:
Lucy graced us with the four expected puppies, then a bonus fifth! When I looked at the X-rays I saw four spines and heads, but the way they were placed made me think five. Dr W said four, the ultrasound said four, but oh I wanted that fifth so I just chalked it up to wishful thinking.

Hah! Trust your instincts

Lucy kept us on tenterhooks. Once she finally went into labor she didn’t waste any time.

Girl puppy just after 1 AM. Breech, I let her try for a bit then gave a very gentle assist by grasping the back legs so they wouldn’t slip back inside then a slight steady pull during pushes. That pup slipped right out. Lucy got her cleaned up and I helped with the umbilical cord. Quick weight then nursing.

About 20 or 30 minutes we had another little girl, presented head first. A little challenging getting the head out then easy after that. Another quick clean up, weight and nursing.

A quick text and call to Sharon. At first Sharon wasn’t going to come over (hah!) then she realized that she couldn’t sleep.

Elizabeth awoke, Sharon showed up about the same time. Poor Scott was so exhausted we just tucked Elizabeth in on the couch as Lucy was on to puppy number three.

Three and four (both boys) were separated by less than ten minutes and I was very glad of the help and company. Elizabeth watched three and four being born. I think she may have seen more than she wanted too in the fourth as she kinda freaked out and needed some reassurance.

Sharon took care of midwifery while I got Elizabeth calmed down.

A quick conversation with Sharon – ‘Any chance there could be a fifth puppy when Dr W, X-ray, ultrasound all say four?’ ‘Nahhhhh’

Pottied Lucy on leash (just in case there was a fifth), then got her settled and nursing. She still seemed restless.

Somewhere in there were sips of water and bowls of ice cream for Lucy to keep her energy up.

Sharon and I were resting and taking pictures and chatting. Then some unexpected munching sounds from the whelping box.

Oh my goodness!
A fifth puppy! A girl!

Now Lucy finally really relaxed.

What a beautiful night. Sharon was kind and posted to several Facebook groups about the new litter.

Lucy is a pretty good mama. The pups are nursing well. I’m keeping a close eye on one pup that doesn’t seem to remain latched quite as easily as the others. Pup is nursing so I’m not too worried.

I can’t get WordPress on my iPhone to post pictures. I worked on the problem for several hours earlier in the week with no change. I think I’ll have to contact tech support for my webhost for assistance. Groan.

Anyway – no pics for a bit as it requires too much effort to do it thru the laptop. Be assured they are all beautiful. Three girls, two boys, all brindle with white flashing. Gorgeous.

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