Kinda Christmasy

We got our tree from Minnesota Bob Sunday before last but I didn’t have much interest in decorating with stress and worry and then sorrow for papa. 

Christmas Eve arrived and the tree was still naked. I pulled the ornaments down this morning. Off to work, E home with grandma all day, home again, everybody fed. Made a few cool ornaments with Elizabeth and Scott.   

While Scott wrangled E into jammies I rummaged thru the box. Scott had started the lights. I finished them up, decorated the top part of the tree by standing on the stool Uncle Walter made for Elizabeth. 

Scott and Elizabeth completed the tree trimming. It’s a lovely tree. Elizabeth picked it out. 

Waiting for an over tired, over amped child to fall asleep. Then prepare her stocking and wrap presents. Thinking of my mom and sisters tonight and hoping they are finding comfort in tradition and memories. 

I miss you papa.

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