Sheep therapy

I always feel so calm and happy after being on our friends farm and doing a little herding. 

Roscoe did fabulous today. He has a firmness with the sheep yet doesn’t insist on being constantly inside their bubble. I only ran him once. He is a clever boy and will stop working when he realizes it is practice not true work. 

Allie also worked nicely. She’s a real rocket dog and likes to zip around furiously. Her recall is non existent in the presence of stock so she trails a horse lead line. I need it as an aid to practice halts, and the inevitable “that’ll do”

E joined me today. She spotted a jar of hard candies on the picnic table. A few minutes of relentless whinging was finally put to a stop with a sharp rebuke and dire threat. After a brief period of pouting E recovered her good humor. She enjoyed the lambs and geese and ducks. She spent most of the time pulling strands of hay from the nearby round bales and ensuring each of the rabbits got a bit of a treat. 

It was wonderful to see friends. The weather was warm and we didn’t need our hats the entire time. I continue to be thankful to have access to sheep within a relatively short drive. I know in the lower 48 must drive several hours for stock. 

Tomorrow Bing will try for his third Q in Open Barnhunt. 

Love my cardigans. 

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