A quick update

Elizabeths room has been painted green. There will be a tree in the corner. The leaves will be the handprints of friends and family. I am going to get hand tracings of her NICU nurses and paint them on the wall as leaves too. Won’t that be fun?

The maple floor was installed in the master bedroom by Scott and Nate today. It needs to be sanded (won’t take much as it is such beautifully milled flooring) and varnished. Progress!

I am quite tender from the surgeries (gallbladder came out 4/16) and very tired. Naps are critical. But I am on the mend. Each day is a bit better as long as I force myself to be gentle with myself and rest often. Visiting with sister Pauline has been a boost for my health and mental well being.

Kate and her pups are well. The pups are three weeks old Monday. We visited them at Kat’s briefly today. Kate’s barking could be heard as soon as Pauline shut off the engine. She recognized the Honda sound. I received a tail wagging enthusiastic greeting. The pups are funny and endearing and delightful to watch. Lucy’s pups are beautiful and scooting around with their little blind deaf senses. Bing has been farmed out to Mel. The chaos at home was overloading his ability to cope. He is calmer with Mel and Chris. We surely miss our good corgi dogs.

Elizabeth nursed at 9 am, noon, and 3 pm today. With the help of nurse Wendy we are getting the hang of it. It’s trickier for a preemie than a full term baby. EKA may come home as soon as the feeding tube can be dispensed with. Starting tomorrow or the next day I will be spending large stretches of time at the hospital, doing virtually nothing but napping and nursing to facilitate her nursing progress.

Elizabeth is up to 5 lbs 11 oz. Grow baby, grow!

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