Go Craigslist, go craigslist, go craigslist (insert gyrating hips and funky hand motions here)

A Jenny Lind crib turned up in Anchorage on Craigslist about a week ago. We connected with the seller and brought the crib home last night. Yeah! I grew up with a Jenny Lind twin bed. I don’t have a rational explanation, but I really wanted a Jenny Lind crib for Elizabeth. We also found a Jenny Lind high chair a while ago. It would be kind of neat to also have the Jenny Lind rocker, but we could take this too far if we are not careful.

The crib (and baby gate and stroller and car seat and second high chair for Joanne’s house that we also bought from the same seller, oi!) are actually all still in the Honda as the house is in too great a disarray to have anywhere in the house to place them.

We (and by we at this point I mean Scott) are racing the clock to get the house in order before Elizabeth is sent home. Scott has made excellent progress on the flooring in the master bedroom. Once it’s complete we’ll need a lot of help moving our bedroom into the master. Then help again to get the flooring in Elizabeth’s room complete. Scott could probably also use help sorting out some space in the garage to move a dozen or so totes out of the house and into the garage. There is a rototiller which could probably go back to Uncle Walter, another rototiller that could probably go under a tarp in the back yard. A corner to sweep and a large metal cabinet (damn you Tom) to move into the same corner. Whuf.

Elizabeth is working on stamina and rhythm for her breastfeeding. She doesn’t think much of breastfeeding at midnight or 6 AM. I’m not sure I think much of it either. But we are both trying. We had two or maybe three really good feeds, but are not consistent yet. Elizabeth needs to be able to consistently take all of her meals by mouth before coming home. It is hard work for her. We alternate her feedings so she has a break. She is too tired if we breastfeed every 3 hours, but every 6 hours seems to more or less work.

Wish us luck, and give a shout if you can lend Scott a hand.

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  1. Gwen says:

    Sounds like lots of progress is being made on all fronts. Soon will come a day when you and Elizabeth are home and contently snuggled down with a cup of tea and a good book nursing away. In the meantime, rest whenever you can and drink lots of fluids… and breath deeply.

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