A milestone

Elizabeth and I have been working very hard at breastfeeding under the expert knowledge and coaching of nurse W. Nurse W. is amazing, simply amazing. She has remarkable communication skills and a sensitivity for what baby needs to perform its most essential work that is just short of miraculous. She is also very good with mom.

Nurse W. started helping us just a few days ago and with her help we’ve made tremendous strides in our breastfeeding dance. Elizabeth is latching on much more consistently and having better quality longer duration feeds. Breastfeeding is typically pretty difficult for preemies. Their bodies are just underdeveloped and they simply don’t have the stamina that a full term baby would. Breastfeeding is simple but not easy.

Between the c-section and the gallbladder surgery and recovering from the other March madness (renal failure anyone?) my stamina is shot. I need a lot of rest. If you’ve known me for any length of time you realize what a challenge stopping and resting, particularly when there are so very many things that need to be done with the house at the moment, has been. Nurse W. kinda put her foot down (in a very nice way) and managed to convince me the best thing for baby and myself is to spend as much time at hospital as possible in our private room. We are on a schedule of breastfeeding at every other feeding. This gives Elizabeth Katherine a greater rest period so she can build her strength for the next breastfeeding session, and gives me a 4 or 5 hour block interrupted only by pumping in which I may nap. Away from the distractions of home.

It worked really well today. I got a lot more rest which my body desperately needed (and rewarded me with a greater volume of milk output). Elizabeth Katherine rewarded Nurse W. and I at her 3:00 PM feeding by taking her entire 50 ml by breastfeeding. Oh yeah!

At her 9:00 PM feeding she took nearly as much, 45 ml, and she was much more sleepy. Good girl Elizabeth Katherine. And good job mama for finally getting a clue and stopping.

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