More Flooring

Scott and friends (metal worker Chris, woodworker Chris, Trevor, Kevin, and the powerhouse that is Nate) moved our bedroom furniture into the (nearly) completed master bedroom yesterday! Chris and Mel did a gorgeous job on the baseboard trim, got the doors reinstalled and trimmed and even painted it all a luscious brown. It looks like grown ups live there. Scott tacked a sheet across the window for the night. We need to put the drawers back into the dressers and purchase then install closet rods, etc. It’s a beautiful room and  we love it and are grateful to all the friends who have helped.

The guys ripped out the carpeting and laid down the flooring in the nursery. Nate is an amazing worker. Basically those around him work to keep him in supplies and raw materials, getting stuff into place, then get the heck out of the way while he goes to town with the nailer. The man is seriously skilled. He was fast as heck when we reshingled the roof a couple of years ago and his skills and speed have developed hugely. We are lucky to have his help.

Today the guys are sanding the nursery floor. Based off how the master went, I expect they will get down a few layers of varnish as well.  The nursery will need the baseboard and other trim painted and installed, plus Mel and Chris are going to paint a tree in the corner. I have collected lost of hand outlines from our Providence nurses for the tree.

Scott and friends did some work on the garage, including moving the tall metal cabinet and making room to store the baby furniture previously in the Honda. The Honda got loaded with summer tires (changeover deadline is May 1st) and Joanne was going to run the car to a shop to have the tires swapped today.

Trevor gathered most of the sticks/winterfall from the front and backyard. He had a cookout on the garden plot, starting it with his nifty kit. Yard cleanup progresses.

Elizabeth and I work on breastfeeding and learning. It is going in fits and starts. She’ll have a really great session and I get all excited ‘She’s’s got it! She’s got it!’ then subsequent sessions are less productive. Today we haven’t had any success, she is too tired to even latch. Little Elizabeth was up a good portion of last night. Nurse said she finally went to sleep an hour or two before her 6 am session. She showed no signs of stirring at 6 am so rather than rob her of much needed sleep we pushed her session to 9 am. 9 am she was tired but showed signs of readiness so we gave it a shot. No go. Noon was much like 6 am and we did not try.  I am going to let her rest for the afternoon and we will try at 6 pm.

Spoke with her doctor today. She is doing fine and doc is happy with her progress. Just a waiting game for nursing.

Haven’t seen Bing or Kate for some time and miss them terribly. I wonder what they’ll make of the wood flooring. I know they’ll do fabulous with baby. Prior to farming them out we’d been working baby prep protocols with them, including scent cloths. I believe they will adjust well to Elizabeth and I know they are going to love her food dropping toddler years.

I have some photos to share but the Windows 7 machine has a driver problem which is preventing me from accessing the photos on the iPhone. The Mac is packed somewhere – it’s my primary system so I didn’t want to chance something happening to it at the hospital.  I’ll get photos posted but it’ll take more effort than usual. Soon.

And the big news? She is up to 6 lbs 3 oz!

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  1. Cathy Harding says:

    What’s with the password protected pictures?
    Hope all is progressing well.

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