Warm and sunny

Scott cleared the chicken roof this weekend. The snow was not only deep, it was very dense.

We took a closer look at the roof of our house and are thinking perhaps it would be prudent to shovel our roof as well. 

The mighty Scott also shoveled the drive and re-cut the snow steps down to the house. The snow steps are really keen. The snowpack is deep the drive and yard are a couple feet above the house walk and step. It’s going to be ugly come breakup. I’ve threatened to sandbag the garage door but the more I consider gravity and water, the less outlandish it seems.

We also completed weeding the final bookcase. Woo hoo! I need to post a dozen or two books to PBS. We’ll give them a few days, and Saturday we’ll delist the books and haul them down to TitleWave. What TitleWave does not want we’ll share with Bishop’s Attic or the Senior Center. It’ll feel good to have that big task off the EKA to-do list.

Next on our hit list is the DVD bookcase and perhaps prep-work to move the TV to the living room. The DVD’s got out of control during our Friday night pawnshop routine. They’d have all these cool looking movies for $2 or $3 bucks…

I’m going to really miss having a separate room for the TV.

I surprised Scott Saturday by installing the under the cabinet toaster oven bracket we picked up at a thrift shop a few years ago. Scott wanted to avoid putting holes in the bottom of the cabinet so I had to honky hack an alternate installation. I drilled 4 small shallow holes in the vertical bits under the cabinet. I used that to mount a shelf  in nearly direct contact with the true cabinet bottom, then used that to mount the under the cabinet toaster oven bracket. Hah! My carpentry is amateurish so don’t look close.

It was a very very busy and productive weekend. We have all been invigorated by the fine weather and longer days. 25 F when I got home tonight, glorious blue skies, and still very daylighty outside. The moon was full and large, hanging low in the sky just over the trees. Gorgeous.

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