New appliances

Allen and Petersen delivered our new appliances today.

Our old fridge came with the house and was manufactured late 80’s. I think 1988? The washer was our first big purchase together in 2000, and the dryer was a yard sale find about the same time.

I suspect the nightly diapers aged the w/d kinda quickly.

(a little later in the day)
Well the washer has run a load of dog blankets, our clothes, and diapers. It’s quiet. It has a start button and a locking lid. It rinses cold only. The diapers came out very clean.

The dryer arrived with a big monster dent and they didn’t have a comparable in Anchorage. So it’ll be a couple weeks while the barge gets the next order into town. That’s okay.

The new fridge with bottom freezer is wonderful. I installed the ice maker with a little help. It is also quieter than the old fridge.

The nice gentleman from Allen and Petersen called and asked if they could come early as they were ahead of schedule. When’s the last time that happened to you? They were fast, skilled and courteous. We liked them.

We were going to donate the w/d but no one we’ve called want them. They don’t take 10 year old appliances, go figure.

Need a free washer/dryer? There’s a bit more life in them if you’re not doing diapers and dog blankets.




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