Napping at herding

Sheep herding was fabulous yesterday. It was in the twenties and the sun was out and warm on our faces. The sheep and dogs were cooperative. Elizabeth, Kate and I did a little work in the 1/2 acre field with an accommodating flock of ewes. Kate worked the best she’s worked for months. I was very proud of her. Elizabeth was in her Kelty pack on my chest and laughed thru our session. She enjoys watching the sheep.

Bing worked very hard for Suzanne. He got a little lippy at the end but he was so glad to see her and the sheep again. They were working on the more difficult driving moves he will need to master for AKCs HI level. He had a harder time with his aways and go byes and was dropping sheep at the end. Suzanne worked patiently with him and he did some nice work at the end.

We were the last to leave. Suzanne and Bing took the sheep back up top together. It is always so exciting to watch him do ‘real’ farm work with Suzanne. I love seeing him take the sheep out of the field and up the road away from the fences. The ewes know the path back to their shed and hay so they generally cooperate but that doesn’t diminish the pleasure of watching him work.

Elizabeth had a late breakfast and then a nap in my lap with the warm sun on our faces.

And the full video on YouTube here

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