A piano

So we’re obviously terrible at updating the web page on any kind of regular basis.

Lots of changes coming for 2012. Should be exciting. More about that later.

We bought a piano from a good friend. We had a piano briefly when I was a child and I remember learning to play ‘I Have Some Good Tobacco’ and other simple tunes. Mom was taking a theory class at Sonoma State, I think, and it was a rental to help her with class. I loved that piano, and have wanted one for many years. We’ve never had the money/space/knowledge/excuse/whatever at the right time.

We’ve seen many pianos over the years at the local thrift shops. I’ve been keeping my eyes open recently since we knew we’d be rearranging the house to make room for baby and I was hoping that ‘a well rounded individual¬†needs music lessons’ could be sufficient justification to get a piano. When we saw Robin over Christmas she mentioned she’d listed the piano on Craigslist in preparation for her move this summer.¬† Perfect!

I remember when she bought it, and was there when they moved it into their basement. Very scary. There were a few moments as it was being carried downstairs that death and dismemberment were imminent. Sheer strength of will and bulging man muscles carried the day.

We’ll be hiring professional movers (after the snow melts) to transport the beasty to our home. I’ve researched a couple of piano technicians and have several leads on local moving companies with piano moving experience.

It’s a Lesage upright, from 1978. Manufactured in Canada and lovely to look at. It may take us until the snow melts to make enough space for it <grin>.

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  1. Cathy says:

    So which gets there first baby or piano? Yeay how are you guys? besides re-arranging like crazy?

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