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Elizabeth is at 6 lbs 7 oz. She is happy and healthy. She has been receiving iron and another supplement (epo something?) as her hematocrit is somewhat low. Her doctor believes she’ll be on the supplements until she goes home however he assures us it is nothing to be concerned about. Her hematocrit is improving. Something I am very excited about is how well Elizabeth is staying awake for the entire 30 minutes of her feeding sessions, and how she has adapted to being breastfed at every meal. That’s a huge improvement for her. Her volume is still too low to go home but I can’t help but feel she is right on the cusp of ‘getting it’.

I missed Elizabeth’s 9 AM and Noon feedings today – I was having my 2 week follow up w/my gallbladder surgeon. I love how she communicates, her patience with my questions and the thoroughness of her answers. Plus shes a darn nice person. She is happy with my progress. I still need to limit my activities and may not yet return to work however healing is going as expected. The incisions look beautiful. I am tired and sore yet improving. Ice packs and naps are essential. I also had physical therapy today. My physical therapist is marvelous – she is an excellent communicator and has done a great job of pinpointing where my body is weak and which exercises to apply and how to explain them in a way I can understand how to do them once I’ve left the office. I am excited to see strength returning to my body and very happy to feel the stiffness and pain recede.

Between my appointments I stopped briefly at the house to check on the chickens. Four eggs. One was walkabout (same one – the Wyandotte/Chantecler mix). I think she’s scooting under the fence. The grass in their enclosure was looking over-grazed so I turned them loose. Fresh water and shook down their feed. We need another sack of chicken feed and more dog food too. When I last looked out the window at the hens they were blissfully scratching and dustbathing in the sun.

Craig Watson is coming to Wasilla for a herding seminar weekend after next. I signed up knowing I would either be on the cusp of delivery or recently delivered. I hadn’t envisioned our current situation. So I’ve been trying to figure out how to get Bing out there without me. I sent out an e-mail tonight to a bunch of doggy friends and am hoping I’ll be able to organize transport for the boy. I admire Mr. Watson’s methods and think they fit well with my training philosophies and how Bing works. I’d like to be out there myself but unless EKA comes home REALLY soon, like this weekend, that’s not going to happen. Suzanne has graciously agreed to handle Bing at the seminar. Even if I could make it out there I’d need Suzanne to handle him, my stamina and strength aren’t there yet. Cross your fingers that we’ll get transport for him. I love sheepherding and have really missed it. The last time we went herding was March 10th, the day before I entered ER with the gallbladder attack.

It was a day of visitors. Joanne came midday and held EKA while I pumped. We had a nice visit and it was great to see her. She brought EKA an adorable little outfit.  Then Scott came to NICU tonight and spent time holding our lovely daughter and visiting with me. We had dinner together, shared our good news (health stuff from me, annual review for him) and just relaxed with one another. It was a much needed sweetness. I am proud of how hard he is working and how well he has handled the stress of the last couple months. He is going to make a fabulous papa.

Here are a few photos to enjoy. The resolution is lower than normal – I resorted to e-mailing them to myself rather than pulling them directly off the iPhone.

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