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Elizabeth fair

Elizabeth loved the livestock barn and the vegetable/herb garden. She was watching the animals from my chest, being quiet and concentrating. She abruptly and insistently demanded to get down pointing at the Suffolks and wildly baa-ing. She had suddenly recognized … Continue reading

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Still cheesemaking

This weekend we cleaned house, washed dogs, baked bread, and made another batch of Feta cheese. Plus we went to the fair. We went looking for our favorite corn dogs (hand dipped on site secret recipe deliciousness) and learned she’d … Continue reading

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Easy bake

‘Old’ hens on left, new crew on right. ‘Old’ hens: L’il Girl (Partridge Chantecler, 2005), Wyandotte/Partridge Chantecler mix, Smart One (Partridge Chantecler, 2005) New crew June 2013: Buff Cornish, Partridge Chantecler, White Chantecler (3 hens one rooster), 2 more Partridge … Continue reading

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