Red Chair happiness

Our friends opened a new restaurant.
Red Chair Cafe

I had today off and no responsibilities this morning, and I needed coffee.

A pattern of clouds picked up the pink, orange and red hues of the sun reflecting off the mountains. One of the best things about January in Alaska is the shorter days mean a sunrise even the lazy get to appreciate. A few grey clouds edged the pinks. Beautiful. I paused outside the Red Chair to take a photo.

As I approached the door a couple exiting brought with them a savory smoky yummy smell with an overtone of strong black caffeine. Mmmm, coffee.

I was seated quickly and had a cup of coffee in my hands even faster. Heavy white mug on a saucer with a doily to dress it up, and a metal pitcher of cream for doctoring. Smelled and tasted wonderful. Fresh, hot, perfect.

The chairs, unlike many at restaurants in our town, were padded and comfortable. I can imagine burning a lot of hours in these, drinking coffee, visiting and enjoying the promise of a tasty meal. I liked the steam punk decor. I admired the concrete and wood floors – I’d heard stories about how hard David had worked on them. I admire hard work. Bare bulbs with old fashioned filament bulbs dangling and wrapped around pipe work. The fanciful and edgy blimp that decorated the wall near me was very clever. I thought it was cool that the artist incorporated the pipe that would have otherwise bisected the blimp into the art by painting it too.

My Kale bake (veggie option – I chose tofu over eggs as I have been eating a zillion eggs from our own hens recently) arrived with the warning that the cast iron handle was extremely hot.

I paused to appreciate the rich fragrances. Mustard, tomato, mushroomy cheesey-goodness smells wrapped around my nose and set me salivating. Oh my, I was going to enjoy this!


Kale is delicious. This kale was exquisite. Tender with just the right resistance to bite. Generous tomato and onion and asparagus and a healthy but not obtrusive amount of soft tofu. My mouth felt satisfied like I was enjoying a sausage enhanced by the amazing crunch of veggie joy.

I am no wordsmith and my breakfast is getting cold while I abuse the English language looking for adjectives to describe how wonderful my breakfast tastes and how much I am enjoying it.

Your mouth deserves joy. Go visit the Red Chair yourself.

Red Chair Cafe
337 E 4th Ave
(907) 270-7780

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