Cheddar at 50 lb press

Trying cheddar again.

I wasn’t real sure about the curds. I had a hard time holding at 102 F and they were softer than the last batch (failed because I forgot salt).

I nearly forgot the salt again! Can you believe it? Jeez Louise. I was loading the mold when my brain kicked in with ‘huh, something not right here… Read the instructions. Salt!’ Ruined cheddar averted.

So I am on my 24 hours with 50 lbs. The follower (can of green chilis) is 2 lbs, the top press board is 8 lbs, plus 18 lbs of dog food, 18 lbs H2O and a 3 lb can containing a whole chicken we bought at 3 Bears because it was novel and haven’t had the nerve to eat. That’s close enough to 50 lbs.

Looks cool, I think.


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