Awake and sore

I am awake too late at night waiting for my accident pain to recede so I can sleep.

Good things today. First snow and an oh so delighted toddler gleefully making tracks thru every inch of yard. She was do happy and so tired. The world is newly beautiful seen thru her lens.


We enjoyed a healthy tasty dinner as a family. Crockpot of veggies (onion, tomato, carrot and celery) topped by a been in the freezer since ??? T-bone steak. Crockpots can mend a multitude of sins.

Happy corgis hunting the bizarre house fly droning and bumping around the house tonight.

A kind husband doing exercises with me to keep company.

A silly toddler playing at being a puppy, and taking advantage of my prone position by licking my face. Eew, but cute.

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