I’m not able to herd yet. A fall could reinjure my spleen or liver. So. Scott and EKA went in with the dogs (one at a time) and had some sheep time a couple weekends ago. I miss herding.

Elizabeth likes music very much. A few days ago I tuned one of the mandolins and we had a good time making a lot of racket. I worked with her on the concept of the left hand cups the neck from behind not over the strings. And that we gently strum strings above the bridge not below it. And observing that pressing strings in different spots makes different sounds. We also thump around on the piano. I was thrilled this morning when we worked on identifying the D keys and she seemed to get it. Yay Bou!

This was an odd Halloween in that there was virtually no snow and it was comparatively warm. The damn malls and what not have largely destroyed the visceral joy of children running amok hopped up on sugar that I recall from my childhood. We left an unattended bucket of candy at the end of our driveway and spent Halloween eating Fire Island pizza (only offered once a year) with friends. EKA did a little trick or treating. She was perplexed with this game the first couple of houses but rapidly learned the ropes and was soon charging up to doors caroling ‘trick or treat’ with the rest of the children. Great fun. (Costumes: Millionaire, little baby elephant, jester circa 1987).


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