His baby

Elizabeth may be his baby however all bets are off now that she’s older and has got his favorite – eggs. 


 Bing and Roscoe like to muzzle fight. I like hearing their soft whines and funny vocalizations they make while playing. Bing stays on the couch and wrinkles his nose. Roscoe hops down to sneeze and shake then back up for another round. They play well and (mostly) politely in short bursts. 

Bing is aging. He is 11 1/2, about Abby’s age when we brought him home. He is showing the same restraint and patience with Roscoe that Abby showed with Bing over a decade ago. It saddens me that my Bing is old. It happened faster than I expected. Yet we have a couple more years I hope. This morning my old fart gets to go to tracking class.  He needs a bit more muscle in his hind end to be comfortable and I think it’s time to be more regular with his Rimadyl. 

I still have a small hope that he will pass his certification track in a couple months so we can attempt to earn his Tracking Dog title in August. It would close the circle on a lot of emotions and wishes. Plus he would be the first TD Cardigan  in Alaska. How cool would that be?

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